I cant even read what you just said. can you articulate?

exactly. I cant even understand how you would think THIS is demonstrative of anything but EOS-style D-POS. for shame.

everyone must have their voice, or this experiment doesnt mean much.

nope, I dont. do you understand my proposal?

we need a mtaching service to support the vote spread. a PRE vote service to align split stake purchases, OR should not dilute the vote pool.

Guang Guang
by the way i think its always important to remind people that this is still alpha/beta. and to use a seperate from main wallet for ticket splitting. My experience is the number of live tickets under “my tickets” tend to mess up once i have used the split ticket. I can still get the accurate info from “purchase” tab tho.

it's important NOT to 'sell' ticket splitting as operating inside DCR Governance to the noobs. that's disingenuine.As a whale, one could walk into every intital involvement of a session of 10 ish DCR take the whole vote of the session, and proportion thier own democratic effort for pennies on the dollar.

and this , I call, ALPHA phase need to UNDERSCORE that SECURITY PROBLEM.

and the node operators, as an inherent part of the alpha test team need to NOT be Blamed, I agree (props @david, @matheusd, {nod,{nod}). But they should be upfront about that very paticular problem and be advocates for its resolution. in fact they should see it as an opportunity to improve their software and to further reach into the subcontractor inrafstructure via Pi...

their role today, should be byond enabling, but in guiding the development and voice of the partial stake holders. we have a long way to go to scale to the needs of the entire planet. we will have to conduct commerce in thousandths of a DCR and thousands of a democratic voice from here.

@oregonisaac, I can purchase all of the votes of all of these sessions any day of the week. how is that not a problem?

I can walk into each session when it is partially filled and buy the rest.

I get my same vote for pennies on the dollar.

I can by 90% pretty commonly. for 90% on the dollar.

this is decred. we can support 99.5% democracy, and its not that hard, and I argue: this isnt D_POS.

no @oregonisaac , that EOS,

were are POS, and we are the leader.

we have to demonstrate that use case.

they already have (and many like them) delegation over a million plus constituants,

but that's d_pos.

we are getting into unmanaged trouble here, with ticket-splitting.

gve me more reading material, if you think that will suffice.

so which method of representing the votes of the collected staeholders is place at this point in time? Ive supplied a link to the documentation of voting rights and the outstanding issues.

I would suggest these issues are something the community will need to come to CONSENSUS about. Is there any more thought in play other that what @matheusd left on github?

thats what I assume as well. hmm, would some then provide less democracy at lower cost? and more democracy at higher cost?

at this point its a wieghted lottery amonst the stake session participants? Is that correct?

If you want a voice, you buy a full ticket. If you want to share that voice with others (and possibly lose your own voice), you buy a split ticket. Without fundamental changes to the underlying PoS structure, that is how ticket splitting works.

I understand that that is status qou. What is in beta at this stage is matching. I have been considering the functionality since matheus announced the release of the tool. there is quite a bit of work to be done before it reaches decrediton, yes? Anyhow, developing a viable Pi proposal to address the functionality may not be necessary. Maybe just some discussion.

interesting. interesting. I hadn't heard that it would be rolled in either, but what the future holds we can only create I guess. Also, I suppose that if, ever the complexity of splitting and representation are resolved it would be more feasible to integrate. I have considred the campaigning and advertisement method, but fail to understand what will occur when we have simoultaneous proposals and operators advertise pools for all the combinations of voting configurations that are possible. That seems like it leads directly to voter burnout?

One of the angles I have been thinking about this from is voter attention retention. So far I feel that if individual representation is high, a system would reach maximal attention. Of course we have to always depend on high quality proposals. I feel that the other end of the spectrum, when attention reaches maximum loss, is when representation is at its lowest and the stakeholders vote is least meaningful, other factyors being equal.

Tudor Vacarel
Hi guys, what is stake reward ATM? And how.much is a ticket?
the best way to identify these stats is to check a block explorer: https://dcrdata.org . you will notice that DCR reward changes frequently. also you will become familiar with the math behind the stake cost, which changes more frequantly.

huh. have you looked at the published info from the stake pools? for instance: @ stakey.net i'm paying 1%. If i were to VPS, it'd be 0%. If i use David's pool it is somehwre between 1-5% and DCRbrasil ; 1-5%. Im not very claer on those other Pools (brasil/davod) costs'. what does your research show?