lol, then whats the point in voting

man that dcrdata page bugs me- isnt that a text descriptor error ? In the Input Column, the chart enumerates 'Previous Outpoint': isnt that incorrect? it bugs me every time... heh

It would make sense from a testing standpoint...faster votes equals faster data

I'm becoming a bit disappointed with the splitting. Been trying for over 10 days and still got no ticket in :(

It seems that the splitter will not let you use your last DCR. I just tried with over 5.25. So the reality (at least at this point) is that you need at least 6 DCR to stake. Or maybe 5.5?

Good point, may not require a hardfork...but any hardfork already requires a vote.

Interesting question, the chain is up to about 3gb in 2.5 you would have that first then very small incremental would need to open your firewall if you are going to accept inbound connections...I would ballpark 2GB a year but I have no idea really. I have one running on an old Ubuntu laptop...maybe I can monitor the bandwidth at some you have metered internet?

Well you do have a great point, but I don't think I'm the proper audience (as a pool operator) for it.

So you are looking for support of the idea, and I am just trying to reflect it back to ensure I understand, that "instead of a portion of a ticket being randomly selected to determine the votes cast, a system be created where only people who are voting the same on all active proposals (which at some point there may be many at once) be allowed to split a ticket together". Is that correct?

so which method of representing the votes of the collected staeholders is place at this point in time? Ive supplied a link to the documentation of voting rights and the outstanding issues.

at this point its a wieghted lottery amonst the stake session participants? Is that correct?

That's a great point Isaac. (Updated my previous post)

Would be a key point when addressing the criticism of only rich can afford masternode sort of thing you see in other POS projects.

@tomson189 The economics of staking can be explained from an "average" only point of view. Everyone's experience differs depending on the number of tickets they have and the randomness of the staking system. With that said...

No rush, more a curioiusity, I don't think it will make it in the Decred Journal at this point, the pages are fit to print and translated to a few different languages already. I'm thinking about next month.

LordAjax The Catalyzer
Telegram chats are editable BTW.

Thanks. I never realised until you pointed that out .... and I've been using telegram for ages 😂

Oh good point, that is probably factored in

as David pointed out there is this link where you can check the status of the pools. - - just bookmark this


Hi 😊 I'm just generally interested how it works. I stake with full tickets, but maybe I'll show on or two friends how to do it at some point.They're not so deep into Crypto and mostly rely on me and only hodl.

FYI - I've updated my ticket splitting article on Medium and the link on my VSP instructions page to point to the new group.