Tiago Loriato ‏ @tiagoloriato Jul 17 Great work! @matheusd_tech what happens with the vote when the ticket is splitted? does the ticket itself "holds" a vote? 2 replies 0 retweets 1 like Matheus Degiovani ‏ @matheusd_tech Jul 17 Right now, Pi looks for the largest commitment address of the ticket, so in the case of split tickets, that's going to be the deciding factor. One of the plans for the next few months is to make a consensus upgrade to allow tickets to carry an address specifically for pi voting. 1 reply 0 retweets 8 likes Marco Peereboom ‏ @marco_peereboom Replying to @matheusd_tech @tiagoloriato @decredproject This means we are going to have to vote it in. So get ready @decredproject for another controlled hardfork.

No, I don’t think so, only if the change requires a consensus change?

I would suggest these issues are something the community will need to come to CONSENSUS about. Is there any more thought in play other that what @matheusd left on github?

Cool, thanks! A good reminder that our local computers and hard drives (and cached copies of blockchain info) are fallible while the consensus based blockchain is (hopefully) not!

The voting page in your account has been there I believe - that's for voting on consensus changes. I've added a ticket splitting page which includes setup instructions and live session status 😊

But for the time being: Each ticket has the ability to cast 2 different votes. One vote is recorded on the blockchain and this validates the previous block and votes for/against consensus changes (DCPs). This is the vote that you can select the preference for in your VSP pool account. The owner of this vote is randomly selected during the ticket splitting process and it is weighted based on the amount of DCR you contribute to the split. It functions like a raffle - more DCR contributed means you have a higher chance of winning the on-chain voting rights for this ticket. The other vote is for Politeia. This one is much simpler. Whoever contributes the most DCR to the split session gets to cast the Politeia vote for this ticket.

"Issue - Split Tickets Assigns PI Vote to Majority Contributor""While the split ticket tool uses a random contribution height for consensus voting, in the current system it uses majority contribution to select the porposal voting winner. This creates the potential for a higher weighted PI vote through the contribution of 51% of tickets in the split ticket system. Possible solutions: adjust split tickets so that contributions must be equal in weight from all particpants, or propose an adjustment to PI ticket selection so that it can key of the lottery system used for consensus ticket selection currently."

I have to ask you all. Is the idea of representing more 'voice' of interest? Does any of the interest in this convo of this have to do with expanding (in a protocol safe way) the reach of the consensus model?

Mimic consensus is a very difficult idea. aligning and pipelining has scaling implementations that we will use for generations. Think Pentium.

just woke up... i see an error message that says actual pool fee less than minimum required

Yes, that way you can't buy a bunch of tickets at one time to get more votes on a specific consensus change or have more power over accepting/rejecting a specific block.