my random friend in high school told me about it. I think that some of the devs are ex-bitcoin people

From what I know , decred had ex bitcoin dev C0 dev and they are self funded

Also bitcoin 2nd dev next to nakomoto

Bitcoin will rise due to being antique not its tech lol

"holding my bitcoins for sentiment"

LordAjax The Voluntary
What's the best way to get more DCR? I hear about Shapeshift a lot, but isn't that expensive?

If there were a trading app that were in development much in the style of Mycelium trader or Localbitcoin, that may support DCR/USD, DCR/BTC,DCR/GOLD, GOLD/BTC, and may provide escrow, and may provide credit card purchasing, would there be an audience for such an app?

You know that's like saying "bitcoin is used for illegal activity" right?

No. Mining a Bitcoin costs near $6,000, so the price is very unlikely to go much below that.

I'm certainly not saying its perfect or the best there could ever be, but its the best I know of now and thats why I currently spend a lot of time focused on this project. Its the first one to finally turn my head away from Bitcoin.

I know the lead developer of the mobile wallet out of Portland, Oregon. We've been friends from the Bitcoin Meetups there for years.

Pretty much everyone up there are big believers in Decred, Bitcoin, and not much else.

For the past few months all I have believed in is bitcoin. I bought lots of shitcoins in 2017. I didn't realise they were so bad until 2018.I watched the tone Vays interview with Murad Mahmudov yesterday and read his medium article. He spoke highly of decred so I started researching and find myself here now

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