Waiting participants (77 DCR): [12 DCR, 8 DCR, 9 DCR, 30 DCR, 8 DCR, 10 DCR] on BR Pool - Session: dcrbr1

You will get an email when your ticket votes, so you don't have to watch it / check it daily.

Looks like there are sessions on both pools - you can always check live sessions here:

Error trying to purchase split ticket: error waiting for session: error connecting to matcher: error connecting to dcrd: dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

well.. blockchain syncing now..

Waiting participants (95 DCR): [28 DCR, 8 DCR, 46 DCR, 5 DCR, 8 DCR] Pool BR - Session: dcrbr1 ready for another split!

@Kole1 Did you drop again? The session expired.

Ok, let's try it again. I will fill it now.

Someone in another chat group said satellites do not exist so maybe that's why it doesn't work so well

But yes, if it happens again just restart it and you should be good to go.

waiting for that to register and will give it another go. Thanks for being super helpful :)

It would be great if some brainy guy can make a Telegram bot that shows which of the two pools has any open-unfilled tickets.

as David pointed out there is this link where you can check the status of the pools. - - just bookmark this

Reminder you can always check active sessions here:

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