Create an account on the VSP site, then import your API key that the VSP provides into Decrediton.

David... I'm sorry to bug you man.. but I don't seem to find the way to import the APi into Decrediton

Did you go to the ticket page?

New splitticket: decredvoting1 on decredvoting.com Total so far 30dcr

Currently 81dcr on decredvoting1 Need someone with 27 dcr to complete it

Thanks bro 🙏🏻


Hi 😊 I'm just generally interested how it works. I stake with full tickets, but maybe I'll show on or two friends how to do it at some point.They're not so deep into Crypto and mostly rely on me and only hodl.

i wanna do this...

Sounds like a good idea. 👌

I told my best friend that he should shift his small amount of BTC into DCR if he wants the value of his holdings to grow for sure 😊

so i need the splitter software and make an account at one of the pools, and friends

That is correct Joe

Welcome new members. Please read the pinned message and ask questions if you need guidance.

does "Decrediton" == dcrd?

and what is "session name"

ok, i got session name

can i do this with just dcrd, or i need Decrediton then?

if i set up a seesion, someone can join and it will start staking?

There is usually a ticket or two filled per day.

maximum amount is

max to participate, its at 0.0

No maximum, other than full ticket price.

i should leave at 0?

The minimum is 5 DCR, but you must have an extra 0.3 in your wallet also.

i mean in the ticketsplitter.conf

im not usin Decrediton import

ok, 29 dcr with session name "decredSplit" on decredvoting.com

i dont see a ticketsplitting channel in slack

found it, idk how slack works yet

Use decredvoting1 for the session name.

May already be some in that session.

ok, 29 dcr with session name "decredSplit" on decredvoting.com

@JoeGruff I tried to fill your session but it timed out. Is your setup still online with Decrediton and split ticket buyer open?

Reminder you can always check active sessions here: https://mainnet-split-tickets.matheusd.com/

FYI the creator of this Group lymbit888 lost access to his Telegram account so we will be moving over to: t.me/dcrtktsplit