Should be 306616 right now.

yeah i keep refreshing but it wont go past 306603

it stayed there 2 refreshes now

The little refresh sign next to the block # is actually to rescan the blocks for any relevant transactions, so that's not really doing anything to get the latest blocks.

Try to restart Decrediton and let it sit for a few minutes.

okay im up-to-date now

but if it gets behind like that I have to exit everytime?

It shouldn't get behind at all - that's not normal behavior.

But yes, if it happens again just restart it and you should be good to go.

Also make sure you're running the latest. V1.3.1 is current as of now and 1.4 may be released soon.

i made another address and sent my DCR there. However I think the spliter only works with default wallet

Yep, that's correct. You have to use the default account, not a custom named account.

you live and you learn lol

waiting for that to register and will give it another go. Thanks for being super helpful :)

Well, you seem to be picking it up pretty quickly!No problem! It's what I'm here for. By the way I run which is one of the two sites that supports ticket splitting. Check it out when you're ready!

yeah i have been reading it. Its how i found this telegram lol

yeah i figured out about two hours ago that decreds staking doesnt allow partial ticket purchases lol

so i went hunting for partial ticket buying services and yup your the only one lol

sorry 1 of 2 but first one that pops up

Wooo I did it. I just put in my 19decred

also this could create some very interesting business models (like market making for tickets)

Wooo I did it. I just put in my 19decred

Nice! I will fill the session now then since we have a few participants.

I’m jumping in shortly 👍🏽

Hello everyone; back from holidays. Will start ticketing shortly 🤓

It would be great if some brainy guy can make a Telegram bot that shows which of the two pools has any open-unfilled tickets.

as David pointed out there is this link where you can check the status of the pools. - - just bookmark this

question though.. my buyer does not show the brasil pool... what must I do?

Morning everyone!

@LakeLuke where is that info being scrapped from to check the amount in each look

It's coming from each of the VSP's matching service directly.

and how do I add it to Decrediton ?

Create an account on the VSP site, then import your API key that the VSP provides into Decrediton.

David Are you still on version 0.6 ?

👍 I just tried 0.7 and server refused it

Yep, that's normal.

We are growing in number!