Averages once a month. Pseudorandom selection between a few hours and 5 months. Depends how many tickets.

What’s the ROI or interest reward for a full ticket per year?

12.05% - as listed here: https://explorer.dcrdata.org

You will get an email when your ticket votes, so you don't have to watch it / check it daily.

1.1% per ticket averaging 29 days actually comes out to 13.84% so I guess the calculation assumes you are still “mid ticket” when the year ends.

Well the percentage drops as block rewards reduce also.

Oh good point, that is probably factored in

hey peeps... is a session active now? David @oregonisaac

Yes - we have one going now on decredvoting.com

Looks like there are sessions on both pools - you can always check live sessions here:https://mainnet-split-tickets.matheusd.com/

.... i'm getting this

Error trying to purchase split ticket: error waiting for session: error connecting to matcher: error connecting to dcrd: dial tcp connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.

Are you on Mac?

Is Decrediton running with your wallet opened up?

it seems that i had SPV enabled... 0.6.2 does not yet support SPV right?

Correct - 0.7 does

well.. blockchain syncing now..

I'm nearly ready to roll out 0.7 on decredvoting but I haven't had the time to do my final testing with my notification system.

looking forward to that..

Definitely, me too. I had to rewrite many parts of my notification system, which fortunately I've already done. Just gotta do some testing and look for bugs when I get the time. Currently super busy at the CES tradeshow.

Waiting participants (95 DCR): [28 DCR, 8 DCR, 46 DCR, 5 DCR, 8 DCR] Pool BR - Session: dcrbr1 ready for another split!

Decredvoting1 with 103

Nice! I will top it off Kole

@Kole1 Did you drop again? The session expired.

I’m using v0.6.2 btw

You must have a ton of latency to the matcher. Can you ping matcher.decredvoting.com and let me know what the reply time is?

I am on satellite Internet at the moment

Ah, that will do it.

No worries about the ping. Looks like I'm blocking ICMP requests anyways.

Sorry I live in the middle of nowhere

We are 14 dcr short

Ok, let's try it again. I will fill it now.

Awesome. The satellites were in your favor!!

Someone in another chat group said satellites do not exist so maybe that's why it doesn't work so well

Hey Chris, welcome to the group. In Mirel's case, they had the SPV option enabled in Decrediton.

But it could also mean that Decrediton is not running at all, or you have some firewall blocking localhost comms on port 9109.

so im new to decredition wallet. I have ~19decred and I see it in my balance but it shows no transcations or recieve history

also thanks for the lovely welcome!

Hmm... In the bottom left corner, does it show the latest block? Compare the block # to that of dcrstats.com