To buy a ticket costs ~100 decred which is about $1800 as of today.On average how many people do you get to split the ticket with?

Usually from 3-6. Can be more, or less.

I assume people are skeptical about entering ticket split add it is unofficial and worried about their decred exiting when joining the ticket spilt?

Most of us are beta testers that have been around a while and know the people involved in the project. But, yes, there are risks.

LordAjax The Catalyzer
Telegram chats are editable BTW.

Thanks. I never realised until you pointed that out .... and I've been using telegram for ages 😂

I know the lead developer of the mobile wallet out of Portland, Oregon. We've been friends from the Bitcoin Meetups there for years.

Pretty much everyone up there are big believers in Decred, Bitcoin, and not much else.

For the past few months all I have believed in is bitcoin. I bought lots of shitcoins in 2017. I didn't realise they were so bad until 2018.I watched the tone Vays interview with Murad Mahmudov yesterday and read his medium article. He spoke highly of decred so I started researching and find myself here now

94 DCR on decredvoting1

Nevermind, my computer lied to me

Hmm - it was at 94, then I left to up my contribution to fill the ticket.

Then the split session expired.

It said 94 and then went away

Yeah, I tried to fill the session right as you were typing it.

Kole are you in with 24?

Ok - I just checked the logs on the server. We had enough to purchase the ticket, but for some reason, your buyer didn't respond and the session expired.

Waiting on Some additional funds to clear but might not happen tonight

Ok, cool. Somebody was in with 5 DCR during that last attempt... we'll see if they join back in

Ok, I'll fill it now.

55 dropped off

I dropped to raise my contribution to whatever else was needed to complete the session.

I’ll have 48 to contribute tomorrow

Up to 45 DCR again in decredvoting1.

Too close to stake difficulty change to rejoin right now (I dropped)

Welcome Michael!

Back in, someone dropped, at 46dcr in decredvoting1

Waiting participants (77 DCR): [12 DCR, 8 DCR, 9 DCR, 30 DCR, 8 DCR, 10 DCR] on BR Pool - Session: dcrbr1

How does stake pooling deal with voting? Who gets to vote?

It's a lottery. If you contribute 12 DCR, you get 12 chances out of the 100 DCR to buy the ticket. So the more you contribute, the more likely you get the vote. I have won the vote with 6 DCR.

Note that 100 DCR isn't necessarily the ticket price. Just an example.

Is stake pooling automatically continuous, or do I have to manually apply to keep staking?

Manual. For full tickets there is autobuy in Decrediton but you must keep the application open for it to work.