Currently have 70 DCR in the hopper on with decredvoting1 as the session name.

Hi all! Here to learn and hopefully split some tickets in the near future :)

Welcome Brian! Sounds good. Feel free to shoot any questions. Also check out this quick little article I wrote on the subject:

Will do. Thanks David

New session started with 22 in it.

10 DCR in decredvoting1 on the Decred Voting pool.

We are up to 86 in the decredvoting1 session

Haha start up another one and maybe it'll fill up tonight!

Just messing with you, not sure if my funds are available yet, ticket went through today that we filled like a week ago

Hey guys i am on session name? İ cant understand this phase. How can i check session name?

Which pool are you signed up with? Decred Voting, or Decred Brazil?

decredvoting1 is what you want to use. No caps.

Wallet pass mean seed or wallet pass?

You can always check the open sessions and amounts here:

s. bayar
Wallet pass mean seed or wallet pass?

Seed should be locked in the closest things you have to a “fortress of solitude” not laying around to type into ticket splitter 😉

Anyone interesting fill up to decredvoting1 session? İ am only one here.

Will splitting tickets in the future be incorporated to the decredetion wallet gui?

Probably will but its not in the priority list of any dev at the moment.

The fact is all codes are on github and anybody with capability to write good codes can integrate it.

Thanks, understandably.

Will become a more important feature when price increases.

= full tickets becoming expensive

Anyway, great to see such tools and initiatives already in the making

what is this error

Error trying to purchase split ticket: error waiting for session: error while waiting to participate in session: rpc error: code = FailedPrecondition desc = server is running a different protocol version (4) than client (3)

yep i fixed this but a little bit complicated.

İs this still beta ?

I'm in Decred Voting, session name decredvoting1 with 10.