I don't, but I'd guess someone is keeping track.

excited to participate in moar

according to Decrediton, I have access to the dcr that was staked in the last ticket...
...but on the split buyer, I can't even commit 10 dcr. Does anyone have theories?

I think decrediton was simply misrepresenting something. This is the ticket reward tx and the explorer says that the outputs aren't spendable yet.

I think it's correct. Once the ticket is voted you have to wait until 256 blocks are confirmed to use the coins again (~20h). At the moment we have 112 confirmations.

20 DCR to fill up the next one

Very lucky to get voted so fast

Remember to update the splitter buyer , Dev released a new version last week

Anyone keeping track of the tickets that went through on the spitter ?

Spendable in 88 blocks

It voted on block 264814 and we are at 265000 now so only 186 blocks so far...

Guess once it’s cleared

Everyone will go back in

I have a little more this time. 14, but may have to go 13 since I don't think I have enough above 14 for the transaction.

Should I go 20 or 2 x 10?

Just in case it takes 4 months to vote

This is the reward ?

and it will be split porportionately in split ticket

I wonder if it will rise or drop over time

there is a schedule.

The reward drops over time

I'm at work today and I had some firewall issues with Decredition before (very long download time for the blockchain). Is it safe to try the splitter (i.e. will it just not work when he can't connect or should I just wait until I'm back home)?

Funds release?looks like vote matured

Why is it showing missed ? Shouldn’t be voted. Decrediton bug
Lymbit 888
Why is it showing missed ? Shouldn’t be voted. Decrediton bug

I have the exact same problem - guessing that it's showing up as missed because Decrediton doesn't fully support ticket splitting yet?

But so far I’m happy with the split result . Very lucky to have it voted in such a short time .

Currently in que for the next session . At 62 dcr atm