DCR isn’t a P&D coin, there a high activity development as we can following on github. At long term investment, this one is a responsible choice. Next weekend will happen a great conference here in Brazil, where the J.Y.P will speaker some updates and what they are focused on.

Here's a look at Decred's public developer activity for the month of April across a few software repos on github. We've had 152 active PRs, 125 commits, 21,656 additions, and 10,288 deletions in total spread across 2-7 developers per Decred repo. Join the dev and politeia channel on slack to participate and view the developer discussions! https://slack.decred.org

Is there an easy way to translate from Chinese to English on Telegram?

He is a guy that wants make ez money with scam coins, he bought a fake community with 5k members on Facebook, and said that it was his merit to build that community and wanted to be paid for it. In decred this did not work. Now he's trying to destroy DCR reputation. Search his Martexcoin Facebook group.