Wow Dash had about 226million worth of volume. Knock off the 22 and we’re still struggling. What makes investors flock to trade Dash compared to DCR, no competition. Or it could be a matter of time before the table turns?

the problem is violence and theftfiat allows war to existpretend you are a guy who wants to buy a tank to kill some people, but you don't have any money, and you don't actually produce anything of value to sellyou go to someone with money, someone that has money because they are ethical, because they get money by doing things that ppl want, they produce, and say, hey, I need to buy a tank to kill some peopleobviously the person with the means says, no, and I'm calling securitynow pretend that person can just create money out of thin air. Even worse it also steals value from the person that doesn't even want to be part of this mass murder. And even worse, everyone else calls it by a different name and says it's good. That's the fiat that governments are interested in, and why they are interested in it.Why would a government be interested in decred exactly?

great thoughts though I was meaning something else, example of governant coops mythical opportunities was standing for being adopted as voting system, for purpose of using systems like politeia (modified, def) for elections as a simplest example. What I mean is that become recognized by people in big companies and governments could help Decred for example to be considered as a technology that could actually solve various problems, generally how *emerging countries* are trying to solve bureaucracy-corruption issues by reducing human factor with implementing technological solutions instead of paper sheets with someone's stamp on it. anyway, my talk was about trying to move outside of our ringed tech-price speak and try to do smth valuable in any area. I was kinda inspired by the prop with coffee shops to think on places where we could introduce decred, or dash, or any working daothough that prop itself has some questionable points, the way of thinking they brought is smth i liked a lot

[matrix/] Ya dash

Right, DASH is an example. Some other have 'burned' coins to reduce supply.

[matrix/] They should remove dash too since they now have "chainlocks"

Dcr to replace dash, ltc, zec and the list goes on

eventually the projects like BCH, Dash and Tron will run out of funds to prop up their spots. DCR sjhould climb irrespective but it is a chain built to outlast everything else

When do we flip zcash, monero and dash?

And the pos system is more decentralised than dash system

Dash is the second worst performing

I see $Dcr taking a position among the top 20 on CMC in a foreseeable future. That means a flip of zec, dash, etc and even MKR is very possible.

Surprised Dash is still being talked about

LTC will stay alongside BTC, Dash, BCH etc...Decred is a fine project alongside with innovations, that why I invested in it

An example is Dash. The MNs have 45% and PoW is 45%

I got banned from DASH group for asking the same question ... a big bunch of circle jerks running dash ...

This is crypto. I'm sure as many people know of LTC or ETH or BCH or DASH also do know of decred.

[matrix/] dashboard to follow the vote: