In order to resolve disputes around intra-protocol changes, most PoW networks face the risks of reorganizations and sustained chain splits. Decred fixes this by solving the coordination problems that plague pure PoW blockchains. By allowing users to obtain a seat at the table through PoS voting, anyone with skin-in-the-game can participate in intra-protocol decision making
this article provides a detailed walkthrough of what would happen if any entity attempted to split the Decred blockchain:
Blog 💻Decred’s Akin Sawyerr Says Blockchain Is Part of Africa’s Political Future
Is Africa a cash cow?

No. Unless rich philanthropists agree that blockchain can somehow "fix" africa and they begin to invest in it.

There seem to be a lot of ppl in blockchain using Africa as a front to make money for themselves

$DCR blockchain size is now 4 GB. 🔖1 month:🔼 +111 MB (+2.87%)3 months:🔼 +335 MB (+9.15%)6 months:🔼 +572 MB (+16.7%)

[slack/zzz] Hey, I’m trying to wrap my head around on chain analytics. Looking for some advice on where to start learning this? I’m fascinated by the work of checkmate, nino and others and I wanna try to try to dig into it myself. I have a bit of experience with python but working with blockchain data is completely alien to me.

Blog 💻Notation & Blockchain Participation$DCR + $BTC
Blog 💻Governance $DCRThis is an excellent report on Distributed Governance in 2019 from @smithandcrown. Covers major developments of the year in #blockchain governance and makes some astute observations.

It's the new "Blockchain not Bitcoin"

[matrix/] PoW is of value on its own, and when layered with PoS, provides much greater blockchain security. The cost to attack becomes 20-50X greater than either alone. The two systems together mitigate each others' weaknesses and maximize their strengths.

Blog 💻Joel Monegro : Placeholder VCThis is an update to The Blockchain Application Stack (2014) and Fat Protocols (2016).

#Decred won the most popular blockchain project trophy. Compared to #privacy, most friends are more concerned about the development progress of #dcrdex.🤔

Up until 2019, you could have been forgiven for thinking DCR was just another blockchain

Blog 💻"With its focus on #governance , Decred is going beyond #blockchain’s offering of cross-border transactions and delivering on the technology’s promise of creating more egalitarian societies."Check out our take on @decredproject in this week's "Cryptocurrency in Focus"!

Always a what if...what if an asteroid made of gold crashes into Canada, suddenly hardwoods are worth more than gold? But this particular what if (quantum computing) does not hold up to scrutiny currently. A quantum computer could in theory solve 1000 blocks at once, but that doesn't offer any advantage in a serial blockchain world, and it doesn't solve 1 block faster than a traditional ASIC (much slower actually). As far as utilizing for a birthday attack on private keys, we can be thankful that thanks to the deterministic wallets used by Decred the master public key is not exposed, so performing such an attack is not as easy.
Video 📹Chris Burniske - Is blockchain and cryptocurrency the future of money?
Blog 💻Notation & Blockchain Participation$DCR + $BTC

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in Decred's blockchain, staking is the foundation of the governance system. so we want to attract people who are interested in the project and who are able to make an active effort. it's not a "set and forget" or passive PoS system, it's a governance system in which you can voice your opinion

My gf is too stupid to understand in how to even open the wallet. Everything is safe now. But if she for example should sneak and grab my laptop once i am logged in. Thats why i was asking about this. Or lets say, u sit on a café, or somewhere else. Security is interesting. That is my only issue with blockchain. But the best is to be quiet, careful and not staying with psychotic partners.

any blockchain that supports atomic swaps can be included

@Sineboy Monero and Z-cash are not prunable which means their blockchains are going to be very large in size which will make them difficult to replicate.

$DCR blockchain size is now 4.1 GB. 🔖1 month:🔼 +114 MB (+2.88%)3 months:🔼 +345 MB (+9.21%)6 months:🔼 +612 MB (+17.6%)

Blog 💻Joel Monegro : Placeholder VCThis is an update to The Blockchain Application Stack (2014) and Fat Protocols (2016).

RT @marco_peereboom: The Dutch legal system accepts blockchain timestamping as evidence. 🔥🔥🔥Here are the docs for the @decredproject time…

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