My apologize as I know it’s a questions that’s probably been asked.

[matrix/] Vote on?

[matrix/] You want to know if you use a vsp whether you can vote on proposals?

Yes, on decredition gui.

[matrix/] Yes you can

My ticket is listed as unspent/live, but I can’t vote on the two proposals currently up. Am I supposed to wait for the current in discussion proposals to move over to voting period?

Sort of yes, your ticket must be live when the voting begins on a proposal.

[matrix/] The ticket need to be live 256 blocks before the vote starts

[matrix/] *live 256 blocks before vote starts

Your ticket would need to have been live when voting started on Friday.

Thanks for the prompt responses guys. Your bi-weekly updates have me excited for this specific blochain’s potential.


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Hey guys, new member here - hope you are all well and safe!

which exchange have you found to like the most, apart from Binance

I am also interested in one having a DCR/USD pair

Use Abra. You can deposit, buy Decred and transfer it to your wallet.

Bittrex has a USD pair along with BTC and USDT.

Anything US based will have KYC.

Well that sucks then

I was just reading about SEPA fees

Cost an arm and a leg

I guess it’s only good for ppl in USA

I don’t get the whole decentralised trustless governance needing trust to get on board

Kinda false advertising really

Wat? So mine your DCR using PoW, or work for it by writing code. Or buy it for cash.Decred didn't write the terrible KYC/AML laws.

Good answer tbf

But DCR need to stay true to their mission rather than bend for society

DCR can't stop people from trading in KYC/AML compliant exchanges. It will always be an option.

and a good one at that

Just like it will always be an option to buy DCR for cash,

As long as the project itself doesn’t change to accommodate stupid laws I will be happy

Most crypto in the streets is BTC right now, that's why the DEX will improve access to DCR for those who want to avoid KYC

Last i heard.... when the bears come, all those shit coins and scam coins will fall. But, what i saw now is dcr the only project that is keep!!!

Heyyy!! He’s back 🙃time to buy again roflll

nearly all DCR friendly exchanges are listed here:
I am also interested in one having a DCR/USD pair

If you don't want KYC try Bisq. Bisq is a DEX with many paiements option

Decred is listed on Bisq

KYC needed?

Yes. If you don't like kyc try Bisq. It is a DEX. Decred is listed on Bisq with a lot of paiement options

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