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What is the result/ consequences from hyperinflation of the US dollar?

Supplies will sore

Mr. Black

Accumulation, like tomorrow didn't exist

Mr. Black

DCR/BTC someone is def accumulating

[matrix/] Happy B 🧁

@misterblack5150 I think someone answered your poll by pressing the buy button.

I need to post more polls

I just joined my first staking. pool🤠 interested to see what the ticket process is like.

[matrix/] Nice

congrats @papercutbut let us know if you ever have any questions!

you may want to join as well, that's where the technical people hang out. guide:

Would you guys like to see a tipping bot for telegram?

Thanks for the link. I’ll join.

Tipping towards whom?

Politeia ⚖️New issue of Politeia Digest is out now!3 new proposals submitted, 2 marketing proposals are already voting, sitting at 42% and 46% approval at time of publication. Plus Pi digest gets meta, reporting on a discussion of its own costs and production!

"The Federal Reserve announced Monday an unlimited expansion of bond purchasing programs to backstop the credit markets, as millions of American households and businesses are getting crushed by the economic shutdown due to the spreading coronavirus.The Fed said it would purchase Treasurys and mortgage-backed securities “in the amounts needed to support smooth market functioning,” an indication the central bank is willing to do a lot more than the $700 billion in new purchases announced last week. This is an extraordinary move that effectively puts no limits on assets the Fed is willing to buy, an effort to goes even further than the 2008-09 financial crisis playbook."

RT @CATO_io: Today, it is an honor to publish my mental model on medium:"Theory of Three Pillars in the Cypherpunk Social Contract" Thi…

Hello! When I run dcrwallet --create it ask me passphrase and etc. When I try do it in script with echo "...." or yes ... ... ... and pipeline:echo "...." | dcrwallet --createI have error Unable to create wallet: inappropriate ioctl for deviceCan someone help me with this?

Seems kinda pricey but I've never paid for comic production before

In the first proposal we discussed pricing quite a bit:

Drop your questions on Pi, we'll be glad to answer

Oh 40 hours per comic I guess is not bad for $1.5k

Politeia ⚖️#DCR Comic Season 2 proposal has just been published on Politeia, @decredproject governance and project funding platform:

Podcast 🎧Chris Burniske: A Blank Slate of State
Decred Drive 🏎Decred Drive (for Mar 19th) is up — exciting times. As we enter this global economic downturn after a prolonged ~11yr bull run, will be interesting to see how the robust, secure digital SoVs perform.

[matrix/] Is the govermence not self aware of creating a grest sov?

RT @michae2xl: "#Decred now supports one of, if not the, most privacy preserving and secure decentralized lightweight client (SPV) implemen…

Blog 💻"Theory of Three Pillars in the Cypherpunk Social Contract" Framework for analyzing the social contract in #Bitcoin , #Decred, and any cryptocurrency striving towards sound money.

Can VSP delegated tickets vote?