Think for ur selves

But $120mm market cap

In face of negative short term interest rates is an opportunity you’ll tell unborn generations about

Stay safe.. this ain’t for the faint of heart 💜

Blog 💻Governance $DCRThis is an excellent report on Distributed Governance in 2019 from @smithandcrown. Covers major developments of the year in #blockchain governance and makes some astute observations.
Podcast 🎧 Decred In Depth Permabull Nino - Block Subsidies + Ticket Pool VWAP + HODLer Conversion RatesApple : : location : Los AngelesInterview date : Saturday 11th Jan, 2020Role : Decred on-chain analyst + Crypto-accounting theoristIf you enjoy Decred in Depth you can help support the show by :- Subscribing- Share the show and episodes with your family and friendsConnect with Permabull Niño:Twitter : : is an autonomous digital currency. With a hybrid consensus system, it is built to be a decentralized, sustainable, and self-ruling currency where stakeholders make the rules.Join the Decred community!Decred: decred.orgTwitter: slack.decred.orgFacebook :
Blog 💻Decred’s Akin Sawyerr Says Blockchain Is Part of Africa’s Political Future

Decred and DEX will survive when centralized exchanges will make exit scam

Well its dipping

Decred Drive 🏎Decred Drive (for Mar 19th) is up — exciting times. As we enter this global economic downturn after a prolonged ~11yr bull run, will be interesting to see how the robust, secure digital SoVs perform.
Ra. K
Well its dipping

we must be looking at different charts then

guys do we have any tech support group?

[matrix/] yes, join support

Please check my proposal on Politeia

I want to receive feedback about this oportunity for the Decred community

Enrique Berrueta
Please check my proposal on Politeia

this one?

[matrix/] Have you gotten fees from other coins you integrated?

[matrix/] Have you gotten fees from other coins you integrated?

[matrix/] Is that information public?

The fees are the minimum just to long-time mantain a decred block explorer

[matrix/] Is the app opensource?

[matrix/] Timeline.?

[matrix/] For it to become opensource?

The app is ready, but we need to ensure some security things

If that is a "deal-breaker", I can have it on 1 week

[matrix/] Have you had any sort of security audit done by a third party?

Not officially, but with some developers we already done that.

Blog 💻@Checkmateyy is back $DCR
Podcast 🎧Episode 3 of #RoughConsensus is Live!If you wanted a no BS perspective on the 12/Mar dump, where the market may be headed and need both sides of the argument, this episode is for you.We cover why the Bitcoin decoupling is likely!...and why it's not!with DCRs own : Mr. Black Permabull and Checkmate
Enrique Berrueta
If that is a "deal-breaker", I can have it on 1 week

it's in the decred constitution to support open source technology for the public benefit, with a focus on cryptocurrency

so yes, if the app is made open source, it would dramatically increase your chances of winning the vote

it also allows privacy minded individuals to download the app while avoiding the google play store, via for example

I have questions, but I will comment on politeia directly

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Thanks, I'll look to make the app open sourced.

[matrix/] BTFD

Podcast 🎧New episode of Decred in Depth is out now! @Ammarooni talks about Toronto's rich #Crypto history, the tokenomics of $DCR, $BTC and $ETH, and considers Decred as an infrastructure provider and productive asset.