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Bullshit coin

That your new name for Bitcoin?

New episode of Decred in Depth is out [email protected] talks about @IterativeCap's focus on Proof of Work mining, g… https://t.co/q7hzLsBdLt
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$DCR price just increased to 10$. 📈24 hours:🔽 -12%3 days:🔽 -5%7 days:🔽 -39%15 days:🔽 -42%30 days:🔽 -54%

When 1$?

A few years ago. Maybe in the future. Why?

Dcr will stay at 10 doleras a long time to come

[matrix/rackserver:decred.org] Wipe those shit coins clean

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Enjoying accumulating almost free Decred. Hodlers will have their reward.

Let them hate ;)

Yessss 🙂🙂🙂💪

Hello everyone! tell me please where I can get public gRpc api?

All the libraries are on GitHub.com/Decred and the usage instructions are on docs.decred.org (I’m on a limited internet connection or I’d go grab the actual links)

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] > <@bridge:decred.org> [telegram/zzomrot] Hello everyone! tell me please where I can get public gRpc api?What are you trying to do ?

Also, FYI this chat is a bridge of a “101” chat on the Decred Matrix - other more advanced and specialized chat groups are available in chat.decred.org where degeri is responding to you from.

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Hi Guys, Anyone in here who I can ask some questions about running and developing a stakepool?

You can find help there

it gives you the basic info

in case you have additional questions, matrix is indeed the best place to ask. that's where the devs hang out

guide on how to join: https://dcrcomic.org/guide-enter-the-matrix.html

Is the mobile wallet private?

When I get tx by txid with gRPC the TransactionDetails has no field Fee. How I can get transaction fee with gRPC?

in - out?

transaction to my wallet address

fee is the difference of amount in and out

in - out?

Thx for help! I try it with out transaction and gRPC return fee values

you do need a Gmail account to download it via the play store

but the wallet itself is fully pseudonymous, just your seed is needed

Alt season is here. Moon soon