hi everyone, remember to upgrade your wallet(s) to >1.5 before the network upgrade: https://mobile.twitter.com/decredproject/status/1228381408026034178

Hello, what's the best way to reach the Decred team with a collaboration inquiry?

post your ideas here

or submit to proposals.decred.org

if you're feeling confident


4.5K $DCR are now created each day. 📦Inflation: 📈1 day: +0.041%1 month: +1.28%3 months: +3.9%

Question, does anyone know if you can stake from a ledger wallet.

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] No you cant

so you need to use the decrediton wallet, is there any timelines

on ledger integration

Just curios, thanks for the response though.

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] Nope. No time lines yet, it is being looked into

Why ticket price falling?

Why ticket price falling?

One possible reason is that instead of rebuying tickets, people are using there DCR to buy other coins that are rising in price faster.I don't recommend this, unless it's maybe BTC.

[slack/cryptard] Miners always sell

Ticket prices commonly fall following an onchain vote

we have seen this occur after every previous vote as well

we have seen this occur after every previous vote as well

Are people maybe preffering to keep their DCR in cold storage when there isn't voting?

Im not sure exactly the psychology but let me bring up a chart where you can see

Abit crude but shows the trend

One concept is that holders step up to defend the chain and make sure they participate. This can lead to some fatigue or also perhaps a degree of standoffishness. Remember, the upgrade has not gone live yet, 20 more days or so

it could be restraint just in case there is a bug and they need to exit OR perhaps the other way which is in case of a bug, HOLDers want to jump in and buy tickets to defend and secure again

it is very hard to tell but the pattern is there

Do not check environment for running processeshttps://github.com/decred/decred-release/commit/11b398832873e20d03d23320dfdfd0630e155ba7Do not check environment for running processes

build: test go 1.14 (#172)https://github.com/decred/decred-release/commit/28dcbc4cd435ede436204d57183b1300f0db47aabuild: test go 1.14 (#172)update linter, drop pkg

that GitHub feed will notify you when there are new releases available

Blog 💻Joel Monegro : Placeholder VCThis is an update to The Blockchain Application Stack (2014) and Fat Protocols (2016). https://www.placeholder.vc/blog/2020/1/30/thin-applications

📉 50% of $DCR circulating supply is now locked in POS. 🤝POS value | Circulating supply1 month:🔽 -4.3% | 🔼 +1.01%3 months:🔼 +0.96% | 🔼 +3.05%6 months:🔼 +5.74% | 🔼 +6.41%

Price of a POS ticket 🎟️ just decreased to 120 $DCR. 📉15 days:🔽 -15.3 DCR (-11%)45 days:🔽 -25.7 DCR (-18%)90 days:🔽 -22.7 DCR (-16%)

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Less Buyers = Lower ticket prices

Mr. Black
There is no limit

There is a limit...the max ticket price will theoretically be 512 dcr

In the amount of tickets you can buy ?

that would only be possible if there was an unlimited amount of DCR. Remember, DCR is a digitally scarce asset, there is a limit...