Poor liquidity is not a problem. If the market value of DCR is in the top ten, the problem of small liquidity will not exist. Small volume is the key to the problem

When you are in the 30th place, no one pays attention to you. When you progress to the top 20, you may still not get attention. But when you rush to the top 10 as unexpected as a black horse, you will get great attention. At that time, people will say:good boy!

Easier said than done

Well I’m optimistic on premier DEX development w/ 🔥 atomic swaps

And I’m balanced in exposure to stomach the volatility to capture the value - respect the fundamentals and forward thinking. My hopes are less marketing related and more +PRO Blake 256 hashrate increase📈🦾

I wont, I learned more studying decred than I did at University. I already won

100%, I've learned more SysAdmin skills diving in Decred than years of courses. Its addicting, first thing I do after work is crank away on Decred projects

There are so many badass developers here, it's a full-time job just trying to keepup with the roll out of features

Hello. I'm new to Decred. I like the idea, I have questions though.

My first question is: How do we verify that people who work for DCR are really doing the work we pay them to do?

There are different kinds of work. Development, writing, graphics, etc... is all done on GitHub so easily verifiable. Work like Ditto has done for PR or Dustorf is managing for marketing is outlined in regular reports on chat.decred.org - but is more subjective (and is voted to fund or not via stakeholders on Politeia)

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] ??

Suspended for over a week and no reply to my support ticket from binance. Anyone else with this issue?

Quick question: Does anyone know the date for the initial TESTNET launch of Decred? I'm guessing this was in 2015?

Binance order list is broken, I confirm

Looks like real manipulation

Also block of DCR deposit and withdrawals for selected users...

Binance app not working at all to me

it says suspended for me too, but I was able to deposit, havnt tried withdrawal

someone try on desktop

Quick question: Does anyone know the date for the initial TESTNET launch of Decred? I'm guessing this was in 2015?

Decred testnet went live on Wednesday, January 27th: https://blog.companyzero.com/2016/01/decred-testnet-binaries-code-and-docs/

Binance are biggest manipulators

Be careful to hodl something here

DEX question: I assume DCR will be the base pair on the DEX, but I’m wondering if this DEX will allow for other assets to take on the base pair role in addition to DCR. Simply put will DCR be the only base pair, or will this DEX have multiple base pairs


Wouldn’t have it any other way.

[matrix/dezryth:decred.org] Not to rain on the parade but it's open source software so technically a group could fork it and choose to not support DCR, or brand the UI in a way that favors another currency. I don't think there will be any concept of a "base pair". Decred will benefit from having the platform designed to work with it but nothing stops someone from running their own instance and favoring their own interests. That is my understanding, anyway.

Two proposals just went live for voting, make sure to cast your vote!

It was my understanding that it would be pretty easy to add other coins to the DEX, hence the initial resistance that we are spending treasury money on something that other projects can use

But I haven't looked at it in much detail recently so I could be wrong

Wouldn’t have it any other way.

Decred’s 🧭 points North - that’s all I know

the first iteration of the DEX will launch with DCR/BTC as the only pair, but after that more projects will be added

any blockchain that supports atomic swaps can be included

to be honest I'm not sure about base pairs, you could ask the DEX channel on chat.decred.org about the plans

Agreed, as far as I'm concerned BTC and DCR are the only coins that exist

Privacy 🕶Tim Ruffing (one of the coinshuffle and coinshuffle++ authors) explaining coinshuffle++ for interested wasabiwallet userscoin shuffle ++ is the tech behind $DCRs privacy featurehttps://youtu.be/bCZFAqB3bnU

$DCR price just increased to 25$. 📈24 hours:🔼 +12.2%3 days:🔼 +17.2%7 days:🔼 +19.8%15 days:🔼 +30.4%30 days:🔼 +46.6%