Decred didn't have a telegram group?

Yeah I'm into this since aidrop, sure thing

I have @Decred too but this is the better one to go off

Will gladly take care of this group

finally a Telegram

Welcome aboard Decred lovers


This guy here is with us since aidrop 😂😂

coblee is pumping this coin, maybe I should join

Decred has Bitcoin core devs though

Some of them from early on

That was just a bad article

I like the guys I love the team

Glad i dumped my airdrops at 24k something though

Dumped mine it 670k or something

any decred admins will be made admins here too

Well it's much higher than 24K now

Yeah i dumped way before when it wasn't even listed on polo for a long time

Holding some now though

MM seems to be on his A game lately

Going well over .01 this year

Insane pumps a comin

Well i know what to do i guess