Asics raise the bar of entry too high imo

Also I have signed up for the matrix but element only gives me a robot to talk to, thus telegram


In combination I also designed a block schedule with multiple prime intervals and independent targets that require proportionally higher targets, stochastic sequence that takes some thousand years to repeat.idk if it achieves better regularity, one of the goals, but it also partitions the work such that smaller miners can feasibly compete with larger ones, balancing the cashflow better for smaller miners

Thx degerii didn't see the explore button

Do you guys think we will see decrediton 1.6 before EOY

[matrix/] yes \

[matrix/] Decred: Secure. Adaptable. Sustainable.: Get Stakey on Twitter: Seeing the dex screenshots does it no justice. Doing atomic swaps with other people on testnet is just too freakin cool. The whole time I was switching back and forth from the UI to the logs to a block explorer to see it all happen in real time. I'm officially hyped ( )
[discord/stalker.loki] my element does not look like this in the top left
[discord/stalker.loki] it looks like this

[discord/stalker.loki] I am installing fractal to join the matrix with a less weighty native app, fractal


[discord/stalker.loki] that link doesn't help me at all

[discord/stalker.loki] ah, advanced... ok

[discord/stalker.loki] nope, I'm just gonna run fractal and see how I go

[discord/stalker.loki] people working on relevant projects for my contributions are visible on telegram and discord anyway, so maybe it doesn't matter, i just don't see what I have done wrong setting up my account

got it working using fractal. I'm glad there is at least on non-electron chat app. my laptop creaks badly running them, anyway, I won't be in here look for me in the matrix *cue screechy waterphone sounds as loki turns into liquid chrome*

[matrix/] Decred: Secure. Adaptable. Sustainable.: Decred Skepticism Sunday - 9 August 2020 ( )