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I have got some security vuln

But mail address is not working for me

I mean the email where i have to report i am getting address nit found error

Please go onto Matrix to talk to the Devs if you have a concern like this. Plenty of folks to assist. This is the wrong channel

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] submit to bugbounty @

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] sorry my bad did an error in the last update

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] That was/is the original address.

Got it, typo on page

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] Please read the entire site at bounty.decred.org before submission

[matrix/degeri:decred.org] rules and scope

Thanks alot for your quick help

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I think only up from now 😜

lesson learned, always take profit 😂