Para me proteger de golpistas quando desconfio... uso o SafeScrow no grupo da WavesBrasil

A binance anunciou hoje algo com o par BRL, acho que é apenas um getaway, se for interessante para alguém aqui..

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Podcast 🎧Do you want to know what is happening in Africa with crypto?This episode with Decreds @AkinSawyerr is a must listen. We discussed the current state of banking in Africa, how consumers are using crypto there and why Africa is poised to leapfrog the US.Enjoy!Apple : :

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Community Insights 🌏 Notes taken from our Decred Matrix channels shedding valuable insights from select community membersCheckmate : DCR Marketing / Message • The SoV narrative is by far the strongest in the market. The rest falls under the 'smart contracts and unicorns' and is imo just noise. People are looking for digital assets they can park capital in (SoV candidates) and be confident it has the fundamentals to secure it over time. Saleability over time and space. • Getting DCR as the platinum to Bitcoins gold will be the narrative that pulls IIs and retail alike in. Getting DCR as the only other viable SoV candidate in the conversation is key and the recent governance issues in literally every other project + Block-streams hypocrisy are great selling points. • MoE is years away - my view, it is exact wrong narrative to pursue. Even BTC in the MoE category is just people using it as a vehicle to get in and out of something else for convenience. Velocity is BAD for price, Hodlers are what drive appreciation. The counter position of Tickets with long stake time and Hardcore HODLing is fire, this should be a focus point. • The Decred trio of Hyper-secure, adaptable and self sustaining are so unbelievably well positioned as a defendable moat - This is critical and should be a centre of gravity for external facing perspectives • Security is #1 for one reason --> Trust. The second best marketing the project will ever have is when people openly trust DCR with their savings, the same way BTC is on track. • The #1 best marketing is price. Decred has the fundamentals to support it, the rest is the result of shouting loud and simplifying. • Complexity is the enemy. Anything that appears remotely complex like Ethereum will likely be a setback. Lots of complex project will break in the short term and reliability and trust factor of systems that keep ticking along will draw attention. Similarly feeds the SoV narrative or dependable, reliable and unchanging (unless required) • The combination of Privacy, DEX, LN and Atomic swaps are an unreal feature set not seen anywhere else in the market. Keep comparing it to Bitcoin and rubbing it in. Privacy on DCR vs BTC (with data to justify) will be a great place to start. In short, Decred's design is in my opinion, the most elegant in the entire market. It resolves so many of the complex human interactions with these protocols in clean, simple yet powerfully secure ways with aligned incentives. Checks and balances, time locks, skin in game coupled with the human side of conversation and governance. These are all massive selling points. It meaningfully competes on security (multiple papers on this), adaptation (privacy, LN, A.Swaps, DEX, agile and A+ grade devs), and the self-sovereignty of the treasury (not Zooko or BS). The only 'real' moats that Bitcoin has in comparison are first mover adv, reputation, liquidity and imo the biggest one, fictionalization with instruments/derivatives. Decred iterates on all the above and can benefit from Bitcoins slipstream on these moats. If it achieves a position as 'the other SoV candidate', all these moats will be fair game. 7 years is a head the context of a 100 year race, its not. Coins will die faster over time. Decred has staying power and the reality of it existing in 100years makes it competition.

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🇧🇷Hoje encerramos um ciclo para iniciar uma nova era. Conseguimos o nosso primeiro desafio que era de 10000USD para 50000USD , o próximo desafio será de 1000USD para 20000USD em 16 semanas e irá começar na segunda que vem. Hoje liberamos Account Managent e Copy Signals. Qualquer duvida a respeito do VIP, Copy signals, Account managent, [email protected]🇺🇸Today we are finishing a cycle to start a new era.We achieved our first challenge which was 10000USD to 50000USD, the next challenge will be 1000USD to 20000USD in 16 weeks and will start next Monday. Today we release Account Managent and Copy Signals. Any questions regarding VIP, Copy signals, Account managent, please contact [email protected]

🇧🇷A Bilhão Forex deseja um ótimo final de semana para todos. Boas energias e gratidão.🇺🇸 Billion Forex wishes a great weekend for everyone. Good energies and gratitude.

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update to v1.5.0 (#164) to v1.5.0 (#164)
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Announcement 🚨Decred v1.5.0 is out! This release includes a new consensus vote agenda for block header commitments, the vote will activate after 75% of PoS and 95% of PoW have upgraded.Release notes: Downloads:

Development ⚡️Why did $DCR choose Go?The primary reasons were: • Minimal active memory management • Readabilty • Platform independent code with first class support for all tier one OSes • Rich standard library that lends it itself extremely well to creating servers and micro services • Simpler parallelism • Virtually crash-proof • Standard formatting • Integrated test infrastructure • Excellent built-in profiling and documentation facilities

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Video 📹Decred never paid themselves first. The founders funded it themselves and even burned their own money as to not sell DCR while it was too small and fragile. They bought their own DCR via a loan agreement. That’s called eating risk as a founder for the long game. - Willy Woo
Podcast 🎧Fight Night 🥊BTC vs DCR vs ETHCheckmate in our corner
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--------------------------------Nasdaq TradeTalks - Woo - @woonomic - Fight Night XI: BTC V ETH V DCR with Checkmate 2020 Marketing - Survey (Pesquisa) - Ainda dá tempo, 2 minutos. bi-weekly - Relatório's (Australia, Mexico)ção Okcoin Decred 2019🎥 -🎧 - Disponível em (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcast, basta digitar "Decred Brasil").--------------------------------👨‍🚀 Decred Semanal 🚀--------------------------------Nasdaq, Willy Woo, BTC V ETH V DCR, Decred 2020 Survey, Ditto - Relatório, Meetups, DCRcomic, Promoção Okcoin, Resumo Decred 2019, Extras.

🚨 Galera, parece que tem um fake meu, eu não troquei de nick, e também não mando msg pra nenhum membro, se tiver por favor denunciem.